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No matter from which corner of the world you are, I’m sure that you are still very much informed about the candidates of the American President Election. Yes, we are actually talking about Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. So, did your political view ever matter in your date-life? Have you ever dated someone who supports the opposite party that you don’t really ‘appreciate’? I bet you would not really want to date with a delirious socialist being a capitalist as it could grow to become a bigger issue at some point, would you?

Well, I have two things to tell you to console you. First, you are not the only person who thinks this way. There are people like you who have actually encountered a real life problem with the same, unlike you if you haven’t actually faced any yet. Second, you are again lucky that one of them decided to help you and people like you.

A strong Republican David Goss has come out with an idea of making a simpler way of dating to those who held the same political views while hanging out with his conservative friends. One of his female friends has dated a guy who supports Hillary Clinton that she supports Donald Trump. Unlike, everyone would expect, the guy got up and left her in the middle of the dinner. Seems like, dating is becoming one hard game to play for fellow Trumpians, ha?

Anyhow, Goss has decided to make a platform for fellow Republicans and the result is already here since May. Get introduced to

It must be pretty obvious from the title, that the site is dedicated to Trump-like-minded people! Yes, dating is going to be super easy and fun for supporters of Trumpians with The platform already has more than 500 members who wants to find their perfect match.

Like every other online dating sites, interested ones can join for free and send a single message per day with their normal account unless you want to subscribe to make your account premier and agree to pay 4.95$ per month. You can check matches with age, location and the interest etc. As the founder of the platform claims, the TrumpSingle mobile app will be released very soon.

There are also other platforms that connect people who have similar views on certain stuffs such as, a website that is dedicated for people who love and follow Bernie Sanders.

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