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One of the most populated countries of the world has rejected Google Street view

One of the most populated countries of the world has rejected Google Street view


It must be very hard to find ones who have smart phones and yet do not use Google Maps. Since launched in 2007, the app has been helping us to see traffic and street views of certain areas around almost all over the world. To provide such a good service Google of course has to collect high definition images of streets, roads, tourist spots and rivers etc.

Even though, many of its users are happy with the service, there are still some that is not very satisfied with the provider because of their security concerns. As Google tells all the images are captured from public places. Still many people don’t feel safe having their houses, work places, or sometimes even their own photos taken at the beach etc. For example, in 2010, more than 244,000 Germans have united their opinions and requested Google to blur the photos of their houses and private properties. Czech Republic has banned Google Street View to take any new photos.

In 2011, Banglore Police has stopped Google Street View service because of the security concern of the city. And now, the Home Ministry of India has rejected Google Street View to cover the country and informed the company about the same. It is believed that the horrible experience of Mumbai Attack 2008 was planned very specific with the locations and places and information needed for such a planning was based on the images taken from Google Earth.

One of India’s government official has said that "The main concern was security of sensitive defence installations. The defence ministry said it was not possible to monitor the service once it was launched and it would be detrimental to national security," to the The Hindu newspaper of India.


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