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One more country has banned UBERPOP APP

One more country has banned UBERPOP APP

71 countries around the globe have Uber available in their 438 cities. Definitely, it is one of the first and most leading ride offering companies which is worth more than $62billion since 2009, in which they were launched. Their app, called Uber provides passengers easy access to a ride and the drivers to earn money with their own cabs. With the app, people can choose the drivers and the type of the cars.

However, there are many cities and countries that have banned Uber for different reasons, mostly for passengers’ safety. Some governments and legalized taxi companies claim that Uber drivers are not always licensed for taxicabs.

Uber is fully banned in some states of the USA and India and also in Thailand and japan. Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Australia have partial ban on Uber service.

Now, France has banned the app-based taxi service. The app UberPop is banned and the firm is fined for $900000 for providing illegal transportation operations.Two of the senior executives of Uber has were handed fines. Uber's director for Europe, Middle east and Africa, Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty and the company's manager in France, Thibaud Simphal were claimed to be guilty of deceptive commercial practices and being accomplices in operating an illegal transport service.

Uber officials say that they have suspended their service in France in July 2015 and they will appeal.

It is probably an alarm for Uber to start focusing on service based on qualified drivers and provide full safety for their passengers.

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