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Apple has decided to lower their commission for the first time

Apple has decided to lower their commission for the first time

Many people earn money with subscriptions on popular platforms such as YouTube, App store and Play Store etc. Both on Play Store and App Store, if you sell and app or subscriptions, the platform providers get 30% of the money, till yet.

However, there is a good news, if you sell your product through App Store. Apple is going to lower their App Store commission for the first time ever. Obviously, nothing is free. There is one condition you have to compromise to pay less to App Store to sell you product. Your App has to keep the subscriber for more than one year. In that case, your share will be 85% of the money, but not 70%. Isn’t that great?

The change will be applied to the existing apps that have subscribers who are over a year old as soon as App actually starts the change.

Other than lowering the commission, App Store is going to offer you one more way to earn more. Till now, users can only subscribe and pay for certain categories of applications such as media and entertainment contents. However, once the above mentioned change applies, any other applications will be able to offer an option of subscription. Apple officials believe that this ways, they can make the market more professional. The change will challenge app-developers to encourage people to keep paying and stay subscribed for longer period of time and yet having the users not irritated.

The good news from Apple is not finished yet. Seems like they really have decided to tidy up the apps and keep them neat for the users. Ads on the App Store won’t show up to the junior users younger than 13 years old and for the others, the Ads will appear only to the relevant searches and of course you are going to have to pay for the position for you Ad.


You can check out the news in Apple’s own words from


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