14 Jun 05:55IT

Microsoft new xBox Monster

Microsoft new xBox Monster


Microsoft announced new Xbox, before make release it has been rumored in long time between gamers. During that time project was called Scorpio and according to people expectation new series of xbox will be a like monster. Microsoft announced that xbox to play station conference today.

New Xbox technical specification great it has 8 core CPU, 6TB flops, 3.2 TB memory in per second. Which technical specification is most advanced and also that graphic card is super high quality pixels.

Reason to Call "Beast”, Spencer says it's intended to encourage genuine 4K determination gaming, high-devotion virtual reality, and consoled that all future amusements will play on every one of the three Xbox supports. The organization declared the Xbox One S, a slimline form of the first Xbox One prior in the appear.

Searches for it one year from now, and Spencer said Microsoft declared it today "to give designers and accomplices time to exploit the ability now."


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