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I thank Larry Page for working on making everybody’s dream come true for flying car

I thank Larry Page for working on making everybody’s dream come true for flying car

A car that flies?Normally, a person like me would claim that such a thing is already there and is called an ‘airplane’. Nevertheless, we can’t deny the idea of uniting an aircraft and a car, making the one ‘cool’ vehicle has existed since mankind has invented the car.

How easy would it be with the traffic jam if we have a car that flies? Well, there are some people who are working hard making that real.

One of them isLarry Page. He is a cofounder of Google and yet has launched his firm Zee.Aero, a one that works on making and developing all-electric flying cars,in 2010 and invested $100 million since then. The company has almost 150 workers who work on the development of the flying vehicles and test the prototypes. The firm now has applied for a patent application for their vehicle which takes off and lands vertically.

A car that flies is definitely a perfect idea. But, what are the issues that we could face once they come into reality and be available on market? Sure, the first question is, can everyone fly an aircraft? Second, won’t it be more complicated to learn flying an airplane than driving a car for us? Third, will it be safe enough to have human-piloted flying cars around skyscraper or may be near your house? Well, the inventors have already considered about the issues. To solve this problem, they are working on inventing a flying car that flies itself.

More than a half century, now we are very close to the dream come true as people like Larry Page is investing in not only one, but two companieswhich work on the same project.

Google cofounder, Sergey Brin has said‘Page would like to extend the ability to fly beyond traditional airfields to streets or parking lots’.


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