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The government of the UK works on the country’s digital strategy

As Nicole Blackwood, chairwomanof the Commons Science and Technology Committee of the UK’s, has explained, even though, the UK leads Europe on tech, they still need to take actions to avoid falling behind on the shortage of digital skills of people.

As the words of government officials, the UK is facing a ‘digital skills crisis.’ As one might wonder what the digital skills crisis is, we have to clarify the term digital skill a little bit. Even though, there is no exact and accurate definition for digital skill, the term is roughly understood as an ability to use computers and digital devices to in the environment of internet, andfurthermore to code or create software and the ability to critically evaluate media.

The country is reported to be having the population of more than 65millions by this year. Out of this, about 12.6 million adults lack basic digital skills and about 5.8 million have never used the internet at all. 30% of the required computer science teachers are not recruited and only 35% of the recruited computer science teachers have a relevant qualification with their job. Moreover, only 78% of the information technology equipment in the schools is effective. Does your computer skill influence to the economy of country? Apparently, it does. Computer skills play a very major role in every factory of employment, not only in UK, but almost everywhere in the world. Only in the UK, it is reported that 90% of the works require digital skills from the employees somehow. Such a skill gap costs the country’s economy about £63billion a year.

Therefore, the UK government believes that the digital strategy publication must not be delayed.


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