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Is Obama’s smartphone really ‘smart?

Is Obama’s smartphone really ‘smart?

Can you imagine the safest phone on the world for the security matters? What would your imaginary ‘safe’ phone be like? Well, president Obama says he got his new phone which is perfect for him because pf the security reasons as explained by the staffs.

During his talk with Jimmy Falcon, Mr.President says that he was quite a ‘high-tech guy’ having his blackberry and its clip on his belt when he first entered his office in the White House. Who was not cool with a Blackberry in 2008, ha?

Unfortunately, things change and mobile phone market too. So, the staffs decided to provide a new smartphone to the Mr.President. Since the family members of the president have already got smartphones and became experts in it, he thought that he finally going to catch up with them.

So the staff gave him the new ‘smart’ phone and the president didn't actually understand what sort of phone it was.

The guy explained, ‘for security reasons -- this is a great phone, state-of-the-art -- but it doesn't take pictures, you can't text, the phone doesn't work, you can't play your music on it.’

Can’t text and can’t play music... That doesn’t really sound like a ‘smart’ smartphone, ha? Nonetheless, Mr. President is still very positive about his new phone and says that his new phone is like a play-phone for 3-years old, which has stickers on it and by which you can call your imaginary friend.


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