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World’s biggest professional networking platform is to be sold

World’s biggest professional networking platform is to be sold

When I say, world’s biggest professional networking platform, I of course mean LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a website where more than 430 billion of professionals from all around the world gather together.

Microsoft has bought Skype for $8.5billion in 2011 and Nokia’s mobile business for $7.2billion in 2013. This time, they are buying LinkedIn for over $26.2billionin cash. So the deal is the biggest takeover deal till yet. It crashes even the deal between Facebook and WhatsApp. In 2014, Facebook has bought WhatsApp for $19billion.

However, after being sold out to Microsoft, LinkedIn will still keep its features, culture and the independency, as Microsoft says.

For Microsoft, it really is a valuable asset as it can be integrated with Microsoft assets such as Office 365, Exchange, Calendar and Outlook etc. Such integration will also influence LinkedIn to grow up.

The chief executive and the chairman-co-founder, Jeff Weiner and Reid Hoffman will keep their positions in the LinkedIn.

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoff has said that it is a re-founding moment for LinkedIn as it is an opportunity for its members and customers. He is looking forward to supporting this new combined business.

Everyone who has LinkedIn account know that the platform has been trying to expand by offering users more messaging options, mobile apps and a revamped "newsfeed" to help boost engagement.

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