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Is artificial intelligence real now?

Is artificial intelligence real now?

Seems like Artifical Intelligenc is really close to become real.

A roboticist and an artist of University of Berkeley, California has created a robot that can independently decide its act.

The guy is called Alexander Reben and he works creating, developing and installing robotics and even on machine ethics. He has created a number of robots before. This time, he has created a robot that can prick fingers, whenever he ‘feels’ like doing it. In other words, the robot can decide whether he will ‘harm’ the person or not. So Mr. Reben, the creator, doesn’t know if the robot will prick a finger or not.

He named his robot‘The First Law.’In 1942,science-fiction author Isaac Asimov has published a story about robotics and introduced three laws regarding the same. The First Law, mentioned by him is that the robots may not hurt humans.

It costed him around $200 and a few days to build the robot. The creator has no intention to sell his robot or even to release it on the market.

He hopes his invention will take the debate of Artificial Intelligence to the next level. Even though he explains his real concern is that Artificial Intelligence gets out of control, he still says we have to face the fact. ‘Harmful’ robots which can decide its actions without depending on its creator can exist. However, there could be a solution to such cases where AI can override human beings. A ‘kill switch’; a switch that can stop the ‘harmful’ robot. The idea of kill switch was previously proposed by Google's artificial intelligence division, DeepMind, and Oxford University.



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