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Yahoo messenger says ‘SO LONG’ to us!

Yahoo messenger says ‘SO LONG’ to us!

One thing to say kids today. There was a time we had no Facebook, no Twitter! How did we communicate with people, you might wonder. Of course we ‘talked.’ And other than that, we did have one cool thing which is called Yahoo Messenger! It was only few years’ back that we enjoyed connecting friends and strangers from all around the world through Yahoo Messenger and it was a popular thing.It was 1998 that Yahoo has introduced its chat service and became popular all around the world, especially in Asia.Bloomberg has reported that Yahoo Messenger is still a popular platform in Asia.


Now the messenger we enjoyed so much already and adult, given that in many countries around the world time to become and adult is 18 years, and yet saying ‘Goodbye’ to us.

However, the ‘goodbye’ of Yahoo Messenger is not a bad thing as Yahoo has only decided to shift to a new better Messenger to give their users a better experience. So if you still use your Yahoo Account and love to keep your Messenger, then shift you Yahoo’s new Messenger which was launched in last December. The messenger works on smartphones, web browsers and in Yahoo Mail on the desktop. It has complete new design, and many new features. You can even Unsend your message! How cool is that? The last date given to you, by Yahoo, to do the transaction from old to new messenger is 5th August, 2016.

Hope you enjoy Yahoo’s new messenger!

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