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Girls can study computer science too

Girls can study computer science too

Girls can of course study computer science. The only thing is they are not really interested in it. There could be numerous reasons for that. However, there is an unspoken truth that technology companies tend to hire men more than women.

The biggest software maker Oracle has invested $1 million to support educational resources and services in Egypt. In last April, decided to support the government’s Computer Science for Allinitiative. They have invested $200million for various computer science programs through 1,100 insitutions in the USA to encourage more youngsters to have careers in science and technology.

However, according to the report of 2015, only 22% of the students who chose information technology were female students. Therefore, last week, Oracle has added more $3 million on the project which should specially be spent on girls and women around the world to have more computer and information technology knowledge. They will help 55,000 girls to have various summer computing camps, codefests, workshops and conferences.

Since all around the world, digital skill is very much important that almost 90% of the jobs require some computer skills at some level, it is also important to have young girls educated themselves with such skills. It was known to everyone that technology companies prefer hiring men than women for some reasons and this leads girls not to choose the field. Even then, since the market is growing faster and they need more employees, they are going to have to face the fact that girls also can do the same. As more youngsters decide to take a career in technology field, there will be more potential employees for the leading information technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, Apple and Facebook etc.


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