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 There is not a single person who has never played any computer game. Even if you are not a real gamer, you might still be interested in having a single channel which catches you up with what is happening in the world of games. Good news for the UK-ers. A new game channel called Ginx eSports TV is going to be available in the UK.

The channel will show you everything related to the games and esports, such as new about new game or footages of tournaments happening etc. Now you can actually watch Valve's Dota 2 international competition from home on you TV!

The founder of the channel believes that making such a channel available will firstly; help gamers to have a thing to watch that they actually like, and secondly, help other viewers who have no clue about esport or gaming to discover the thing.

The channel will be screened for 24 hours and try to provide and original contents.

Not only sports channels, but also many other big TV channels have also started showing game tournaments and esports to attract their viewers. For example, The BBC has aired the highlights of the quarter finals of Riot Games' League of Legends world championships, last year.

According to the Deloitte report, this year the global revenues from esports will reach up to $500million increasing by 25%. Around 150 million people will regularly watch games and esport contents.

There still are doubters who think that it’s most likely impossible to keep viewers by showing only games and esports when there already are YouTube and other gaming or video websites.



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