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Holographic is going to boom in industry soon

  Holographic is going to boom in industry soon

Holograph technology will bring you virtual reality in your life. It is more than 6D technology and key developers company developing them product more advanced.

One of the key role company Microsoft is allows to them associate company to evolve with Windows Holographic platform for the Hololens technology. And it will be give chance for OEM, ODM and ally to develop handsets and user friendly Windows holographic which will boundary reality for Artificial realityand Virtual reality.

Therefore Microsoft company working with Intel, AMD, Qualcomm and other chip set manufacturer company. To collaborating with other manufacturer it will improve user experience. Within 2020 there is going to have 70-75 million handsets are in market. It can mix virtual reality with physic society, that will allow two side exchange information between each other. But virtual reality will not boundary to real person, it mainly conducted to material things and surrounding condition.

Boundaries reality example is when user using virtual device it would be collaborate to scanned environment which feels like real environment but different places, which is bringing to end users new communication method.

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