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We are probably really close to real Artificial Intelligence which can control itself independently. In Russia, ascience lab has lost their robot as the robot has ‘escaped’ from there. The escaped robot has caused a traffic jam.


There is a science laboratory called Promobod in a Russian city Perm. Scientists of the lab have been working on enabling the robots to move without depending on the creator or any human being. However, as an engineer had forgotten to shut the gate, a robot has escaped from the lab. The news was published on the local newspaper called ArgumentyiFakty.

The runaway robot has walked around 50 meters from the lab to the street and then they battery ran out.

People on the street have also made footages of the happening. A human-like robot walks on the street and then stands in the middle of the loaded road causing a traffic jam, even though there was a police man, on the road. Soon after that a man showed up to wheel the robot off. People guess, the man was an engineer from the lab.

Russian TV channels also have showed the video of the accident and reported that the robot was out around 40 minutes.

People think that the action of escaping was not accidental from the robot. Some of them believe that the engineers of Promobot have intentioinally let the robot out on the street to show their creation.

The lab rejects such a report and explains that their robots are programmed to say audio messages out loud with their loud speakers even though they can also communicate with people by giving answers and telling directions.


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