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Swiss student engineers have built an electric car which broke the world record of acceleration by battery-powered vehicles. It took the car only 1.513 seconds to reach 100kph. The previous record holder was about a quarter of a secondlater than the new record.

The new record holder is named Grimsel after an Alpine pass. The world record was set in Dubendorf, near Zurich.

Why is the world acceleration record only for battery-powered cars? Because, till yet, no petrol-powered vehicle has managed to reach the same speed in such a short time.

Reach the landmark speed, the new world record holder has needed only 30m (98ft) of track.

The previous record holder had set 0-100kph in 1.779 seconds, last year. The car was was built by a team from the University of Stuttgart. Just to compare, it takes 2.2 seconds for the Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid, the fastest production vehicle to reach the same speed.

The vehicle has been built and improved by 30 students studying engineering at ETH Zurich and Lucerne's University of Applied Sciences and Arts, last year. The whole car was custom made, except its battery cells, motor control units and thetyres.

They have mounted a powerful motor on each wheel.

Having this powerful motor and being the fastest car, Grimsel only weighs 168kg.


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