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You should stop looking are your phone in bed. Because looking at smartphones in dark harms your vision.

To prevent this problem, while using your smartphone in the dark, use your both eyes.

The doctors who healed two women who kept looking at their smartphones in the dark and went blind temporarily are warning people now. The women were 22 and 40 years old and were blind for few months because of their smartphones.

They have come to the doctors saying that their eyes were going blind till 15 minutes. They have gone through a set of medical check-ups, heart tests and MRI. However, doctors did not find anything wrong or unhealthy in their body.

But, the secret was revealed after they have gone for the eye check-up.

Dr. Gordon Plant from the Moorfield's Eye Hospital in London, has said that both the women have kept looking at their smartphones in bed in the dark, more importantly, they have used only one eye resting on the side. When you look at your phone with one eye while your other eye is covered by the pillow, your one eye gets adapted to the light and the other gets adapted to the dark.

And when you put down your phone, it takes minutes for your one eye to adapt to the light and become like the other.

Even though the temporary blindness is harmless, people should still avoid from it. The solution is easy, you just use your both eyes to see your phone in the dark.


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