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 The first British Astronaut on International Space Station has returned to the Earth on Saturday. His name is Tim Peake and he has been enjoying his life on Earth more than before since he came back. He has spent six months in the space on ISS with other two astronauts. For him, sitting on a normal toilet or appreciating any weather whatsoever is a real pleasure.


He is facing a long and tough change of physical adjustment because of the gravity and regaining his lost muscle because of floating in the space weightlessly.

And he faces a long, hard road of physical readjustment to gravity's pull, rebuilding lost muscle.

Even though he feels comfortable and happy about coming back home, there are still some perks to be back. Because, he had already got used to the life on the Space Station.

Using a normal toilet which is ruled by gravity is one of the most cherishing things to the astronauts who spent quite some time in space, he explains.

The other things he missed most are to smell the Earth and breathe fresh air and the small of rain. Since rain is something that you don't feel up in the space, any weather on the earth seems very unique and special.

During the last days of his stay on the space, his dreams have become little bit weird, he says. You dream of being on the Earth, and yet no gravity and floating around buildings.

On the way back to the Earth, he felt like there are two persons in his body. One of them is professional and being and astronaut while the other enjoys the ride like a small boy.


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